The impact of AI on human health


We are currently living in an extremely computer-generated world that it is even scary to think about it. The scientists and inventors have worked tirelessly to make our lives better by creating some useful machines we have around. About a hundred years ago, nobody could tell whether years later humans would be enjoying the usefulness of robots. Presently, robots and other machines have succeeded in taking up almost most of the crucial tasks. So many things have been invented and most of them are dangerously impressive.

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Today we have things like drowns, robots and nice machines such as the washing machines and the dish washers that help us greatly in our households. The rate at which these machines are being developed is so alarming because sadly enough, most of them are causing nothing but massive loss and damage. It took the world many years to get to where it is at the moment but unfortunately we are like two steps away from a real disaster.

When guns were created years ago to be able to attack wild animals, humans were so happy since they viewed this as a preventive measure. However, these guns are being used to kill us instead which is so unfortunate because the human life is very precious and sacred. We get to witness open gun fights in the streets we walk in, and experience horrific trauma due to them. They were created to instill some sense of protection in us but what they are now doing is paralyzing us in fear. This illustration fully explains the concept why so much technology will be the end of humanity.

Another significant example we can use is the invention of drowns which were formed to observe the world when on space, and do what humans cannot do. This thing is now being used as a weapon, in fact one of the important leaders in Iran was killed by it. Just see the harm that we human beings are creating all in the name of improved technology without realizing that what we are actually doing is reducing our life spun.

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Moreover, most of these machines release harmful smoke to the environment whenever they are operating thus polluting the air. Air pollution brings nothing but endless sickness especially to the kids and the elderly due to their weak immune system. What else can be dangerous than something which ends up affecting our health system anyway?

The washing machines and dish washers are helpful in our households yes, but are they really necessary in that we cannot do without them? They may have made everything easy for us but what they actually encourage is a lot of laziness. Kids that grow up with these things often end up so lazy and with lack of knowledge on the basic things in life such as washing inner wears. This is embarrassing and their parents have a lot to do to make them a bit active in life and forgo too much pleasure.

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It is understandable that human beings usually get overwhelmed by work at some point thus making it necessary to use machines but our health should always be a priority. These said machines have helped out in doing some of the most tedious work for us. They are faster and more efficient than us, they are very particular and can work for longer hours. This is really impressive and interesting because we end up saving a lot of time and energy.

However, these things are dangerous to humanity because of their aftermath that are very tremendous. Human existence is so important and if we keep on coming up with machines we will be destroying it. Imagine a world that is being ruled by robots, it will be filled with so many deaths because as much as robots function as the human brain, they lack emotions. They cannot tell whether they are hurting someone and so making it risky to invent them.

Our health is as important as our lives because basically bad health only causes hardships and great suffering upon us. We need to always protect our health systems by keeping off from harmful things. We need to also protect each other by detesting the creation of dangerous machines since we should be each others’ keepers. The only way we can do this is by limiting the rate at which technology is being improved to safeguard our lives and those of the future generation.

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