The Rise Of The Fast Food Industry

The Rise Of The Fast Food Industry

The food industry has revolutionized with the fast food industry dominating the market. Fast food restaurants and takeaways were originally designed to be an alternative when you are away from home. The idea grew with the increasing demand for this fast food since most workers could not find time to cook a healthy meal away from home. An easy option has come to just order a pizza, chicken and fries with a coke for lunch during a workday. This has become a typical thing in the life of workers, especially those in white collar jobs.

These fast foods have been a

These fast foods have been a trend since they began, but sadly, studies have shown how unhealthy these foods are and how a person is physically affected by their consumption. Choosing to have fast food ordered for lunch is no longer an option for some, as their job chooses for them. In this case, a person takes it as a norm to reach out to these alternatives. What people like between healthy and unhealthy food is largely dependent on the occupation of that individual. In other cases it is pure ignorance that makes other people rely on fast food heavily.

The Rise Of The Fast Food Industry

A workday might give you an hour of lunch-time but you can’t go home and cook a healthy meal because a commute to home takes 45 minutes making it impossible to come back in time. In such a tight situation plus a ton of work to be completed, it is more convenient to order a quick meal. But in a sense, fast food has made things easier for the working class, only that the food is unhealthy. Though this may be the case, there are still those individuals who decide to remain consistent with their healthy diet. This makes sure to pack lunch from home when they know they cannot manage to come home for lunch.

Fast food has been widely accepted among today’s working class despite knowing that it is toxic to the health of a person. Big brands like McDonald’s have only reinforced the habit of consumption of unhealthy food. With brands like these it is difficult to make people realize the amount of harm they do to their bodies in eating fast foods every day. After such meals exercise is rarely done by most of the working-class people as driving home after work, sitting on the couch for the rest of the evening, then going to bed to repeat the cycle again the next day is the norm for them.

To make things worse, the commercials try their best to convey a message to those people about how delicious their hamburgers or fries are. This draws in an even larger following as the targeted market is ever-increasing and always available. Our society is being influenced by the media, commercials and ads to make them rely on fast food most of the time during work days. Eating healthy is now only for the few who are committed to taking care of their health at all costs. They know the benefits of a healthy body during work.

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