Who Can Afford a Balanced Diet?

Who Can Afford a Balanced Diet?

Dietary constituents determine the rate of growth as well as development in all organisms. Without balanced nutrition, systems of the body would fail to perform their functions. Elements in food contribute to production of energy, repair wounded tissues then enhance their growth. Proper intake guarantees strength and quality of life in general. There are varying foods and beverages across the world due to cultural diversity. The American population consumes different diets from the Europeans or any other continent.

However, in these differences, there are others that remain universal for example, rice which is consumed worldwide. Blending these foods together to come up with a healthy nutritious diet is all that matters to consumers. The most consumed types include farm products obtained from poultry and cattle. There are also a variety of fruits as well as vegetables available for consumers to use as meals. All these foods are categorized according to the quantity of nutrients they provide for the body. Recently, the economy has experienced drastic changes which have in turn affected livelihoods.

A gap has clearly been established

Food is no longer available in abundance because the population has neglected agricultural practices instead, embraced industrial revolution. The majority have migrated to urban centers where they are required to purchase food. This shift in events has played a key role in causing inflation in prices for diet constituents.

A gap has clearly been established whereby only those who are wealthy can afford a balanced diet. The rest of the population is left out to survive with poor diets. It’s so unfortunate that it can only be a dream for the less fortunate in our population. Poor dietary behaviors culminate in poor health whereby children become vulnerable in terms of immunity. They become candidates for diseases resulting from malnutrition which include rickets, anemia and many more. The lack of essential elements such as calcium found in milk is the reason why they suffer. Adults too are capable of developing complex conditions due to poor dietary behaviors.

Who Can Afford a Balanced Diet?

Immunity is the ability of the body to fight against disease causing elements. It is built by the type of meals a person consumes during their lifetime. Individuals with enough money to cater for a good meal are more likely to be resistant to diseases compared to those incapable of accessing the same. In previous centuries, people used to consume more organic products since agriculture was a way of life. Today, several industries have risen to commercialize foods which the population has adopted inorganic meals processed in factories. These processed products appear to have cheaper price tags hence people get to feed on them. They provide a shortcut that will help them circumvent the necessity of taking a balanced meal.

Even though not all are fortunate enough to have a well-balanced meal, it is advisable that you at least eat such a meal once in a while. If you can’t afford beef, find a cheaper alternative for it and ensure it’s a protein source just like the former. A perfect composition must equally provide all elements required by the body. Fruits can be taken inform of juice either before or after eating.

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